Miksi Tunisian Soussen pitäisi olla tulevien lomiesi listalla?

Tousse, Tunisia is a small, relaxed town with a lively street life. Situated on the coast about 65 km south of Hammamet, the town offers a sandy beach, a seafront promenade, restaurants, cafes and shops, as well as hotels and some self-catering accommodation. The vicinity of Avenue Habib Bourguiba in particular is a lively area. Sousse has a great selection of restaurants with a variety of cuisines. You can enjoy Tunisian, French, Lebanese and international cuisine, as well as, of course, the freshest possible seafood.

Sousse-Nord is a specially built leisure center with a harbor, golf course, hotels and holiday homes.

Soussen Boujaffar Beach is a charming long strip of sand alongside the city’s main pedestrian street. In the background of the beach you can see high-rise hotels, and the beach itself is dotted with restaurants and cafes. The calm waters of the beach and a wide range of water sports including diving, snorkelling and paragliding make the beach perfect for the whole family.

Also not to be missed is a wonderful experience to visit a traditional Tunisian spa, the hammams. In the hammam’s steam baths, you can relax completely or enjoy a massage or haircut, for example.

From Sousse, it is easy to explore the rest of Tunisia. You can take a train from the city along the coast north to Tunis or south to Mahdia and Monastir, or as far as the desert town of Gabes with its incredible spring.

In the resorts you will find plenty of opportunities for both land and water sports. Enjoy a tour of the 36-hole championship golf course at Port El Kantaoui, take a boat trip to the sea to see dolphins, or visit Port El Kantaoui’s Acqua Palace water park and enjoy a day at the hot tubs, water slides and slopes.

Sousse’s nightlife is lively, with some of Tunisia’s best live music venues, nightclubs and bars. The resort also has one of the largest casinos in Tunisia , Casino Caraibe, with a wide range of casino games. There you can enjoy casinos and poker games such as www.casinohuone.com/poker

April, May and June are usually the best times to visit Sousse. The busiest time is July-August, when daytime temperatures are around 30 and nighttime temperatures are rarely below 20 . However, the sea breeze helps to cool the high humidity.