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Finding a good and stylish interior light can be difficult and time consuming. Wandering around from store to store and figuring out which luminaire fits your interior can be tricky. Online stores such as make the situation much easier when you can browse the selection online, but if the tour of online stores feels boring, you will find some options below.

Wall lights

Not only do wall lights illuminate your room, but their sleek design can also serve as space decoration. The Venezina Jet-Square VZ W1001S is a simple luminaire that illuminates from above and below. A low-key luminaire with a modern design is available in gray.

Artemide Choose is a luminaire with a classic design that works perfectly as a direct or diffusing light source. Thanks to the vertical slots, the light diffuses better. The lamp has a metal base and a red or parchment paper mount.

Artemide Edge is a square wall luminaire available in light or white. Designed by Alessandro Mendin, the Edge luminaire has a plastic shade and can be wall-mounted or hung above a table.

Floor lamps

The DeltaLight Nice luminaire has a metal leg and a white almost cylindrical shade. The sleek and classic luminaire is perfect for a modernly decorated home.

Flos Brera is a luminaire designed by Achille Castiglion with a bent rose steel base and an opal glass shade. When placed in a corner, it gives a soft light. The minimalistly designed luminaire is suitable for any interior.

The Moooi Fringe lamp has a unique style shade bordered by fringes. Available in black or white.

The Foscarini Diesel Tri P luminaire combines the style of these two leading brands in an innovative way. You can adjust the lighting by adjusting the shading material.