Macaon nähtävyyksiä ja asioita

Macao is a magnificent island located on the west side of the Pearl River Delta.
Thanks to its diverse history, Macao is an island with many diverse and fascinating attractions.

Macau attractions

While Macau is famous for playing at several casinos that offer a wide variety of games and bonuses that you can experience at any of the leading online stores, such as the Unibet bonus code , Macau has more than gambling.

Guests will enjoy sightseeing, cruises, places to visit and culture, enjoy food and fully enjoy Macao’s nightlife.

This wonderful island of paradise contains several churches, cathedrals, temples and more than 15 interesting museums worth visiting. Some of the best places are St. Lawrence Church, St. Augustine Church and Square, Leal Senado, Lou Kau Manor, St. Paul’s Church, Fortress and Macau Museum, Chapel of St Francis Xavier, Seac Pai Van Park and much more.


Dining is also an important factor in attracting large numbers of tourists to Macau. Almost every month new restaurants and eateries open up offering visitors new and exciting dining opportunities to experience. On almost all of Macao’s routes, visitors will encounter a wide variety of dining options that will satisfy every individual’s taste experience. Macao’s restaurant space is very diverse, with small noodle shops to lively restaurants along the beach, 3-star restaurants and many other eateries.

While this fascinating range of islands offers food from around the world, it’s important to taste at least one meal from Macane’s selection of delicacies, which are primarily a combination of Chinese and Portuguese cuisine. Some of the most salt macanese dishes include curry crab, African chicken, mussels, black beans and more. Macao’s ideal places to eat are The Kitchen, 3 Monkeys, Ping’s Shark’s Fin, Furusato, Henri’s Gallery, Sai Nam and more.

Festivals and exhibitions

Throughout the year, Macau has a variety of international procedures, such as the Macao International Music Festival, which draws a huge crowd around the world.

Macao also hosts twelve monthly Macao Grand Prix events that attract large audiences. A massive audience around the world sees the competitions via satellite.

Other sporting events Events take place here, such as the Macau Golf Open, which takes place every two years, the Dragon Boat Races in June each year and the Macao World Marathon in November.


Macau is not a popular shopping destination like Hong Kong or Singapore, but you can meet good Portuguese wines, antiques, good collection books and other memories.